Maximum Energy Development is an oil and gas production company based in Glasgow, KY. We drilled our first well in 2007 and since have had over 30 new oil discoveries mainly in the state of Kentucky with one project in Oklahoma. MED's motto "stay lean and stay mean" has allowed the company to operate on a low overhead with the two partners conducting the daily operations from investor relations to drilling and the completions of wells. This concept allows your investment dollars to go further in the drilling and exploration of new wells. When you invest with MED you deal directly with the partners of the company. Their oil is sold exclusively to Sunoco, Inc. out of Sugar Land, TX. Randy Shields of Bowling Green KY is their consulting geologist with over 30 years of oil field experience who works strictly on a project by project basis as needed for the company. MED uses many different resources for drilling wells such as seismic data, Kutt radio metrics, Sub surface mapping with structure data and wave log technologies when applicable.

Our goal is simple - keep the consistent business model that has worked in the past while continuously growing our production base. We focus exclusively in the exploration of oil and gas, while constantly researching new ways and technologies to help develop new and existing oil and gas fields.

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